How to tell you’re back in Vancouver

15 06 2016
  1. Someone on the plane (in first class) wants to put their briefcase in the overhead compartment but people are still boarding in the aisles. You stop, gesture to him to proceed. He glances at you with a blank look, puts his briefcase away, and sits back down without any more acknowledgement or thanks.
  2. In the washroom at the airport after disembarking, you’re heading inside for a quick pee. Someone goes into the handicap stall and immediately, someone else starts yelling at him.”Hey, that’s my stuff!” a man wearing all white shouts at the first man. He gestures to a shopping cart full of knickknacks parked outside of the stall. “Don’t touch my stuff. It’s taken me a very long time to get everything. Can’t you see all my stuff?””I’m sorry,” the man apologizes. “I didn’t know you were using the stall.”

    “Are you blind? My stuff is all here,” he retorts. “That means someone’s using it, ya idiot!”

    The man in white continues berating the other man, who now clearly wants to leave the washroom but still needs to do his business at the same time. Meanwhile, everyone else at the urinals pees uncomfortably as the man’s voice echoes throughout the room, and you can’t help but think to yourself, Yep. Definitely back in Vancouver.





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