Joke no more

7 01 2016

Patron: I’m returning these books but I noticed that this one wasn’t on the checkout receipt.

Me: Oh, okay. [in a highly, highly joking voice] It’s because you’re a thief! Haha.

Patron: That’s a mean thing to say.

Me: I was joking, I didn’t mean it.

Patron: If I was a thief, I wouldn’t be bringing this book back.

Me: Well, yeah, exactly.

[I check the book in]

Me: Okay. It’s fine.

Patron: What you said was actually really insulting.

Me: It was a joke! I was kidding!

Patron leaves in disgust while I consider never joking at work ever again.



3 responses

7 01 2016

*facepalm* just apologise so they will leave.
Reminds me of the woman who was going to go to a branch library in another suburb and complained that she didn’t know what was around there so wouldn’t know what else to do with herself except get the book. I said there was a cafe there called Michelle’s (well known cafe chain) and they had good coffee. She immediately asked what kick backs the library was receiving for pushing Michelle’s on customers. I said that wasn’t my intent and I just thought that maybe she would want to know where a nice cafe is and that that was one I had a good experience at. She replied that I am not paid to push other companies. I explained (AGAIN) I didn’t mean to push it and it was just a recommendation of something she might like to check out in that suburb. She responded I am just paid to check out books (lies!), so I said, ‘okay no problems, well you already have your book and receipt, as I have said previously the book is due back on XXX. Have a great day” I then took two steps back from the desk and stared at her with a fake customer service smile and waited for her to leave.

7 01 2016

Haha, your reaction is great. Some people seem in it just to get a rise out of others, which is sad.

7 01 2016

Yes this is true. Sometimes they just want to fight, or they are crazy… either way whatever you say to stand up for yourself is just going to make it worse. Sometimes you just have to step away from the crazy 🙂

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