The Geography of Pluto

27 11 2015

For the record, I wanted to like this book. I really did. I even had it on my list of books to read because I thought it sounded interesting. But alas…

It’s not a particularly badly written book. It’s just really boring, and I was unable to really connect with the narrator and his constant reminiscing of the past, nor have I ever lived in Montreal (though I can certainly see how a Montrealer would appreciate all the references). I also found it grating how every guy was introduced as “beautiful.” Really? Couldn’t use any other adjectives?

Anyway, I only managed to get about halfway before I gave up (I nearly gave up on several occasions but pressed on because the book just happened to be there and I needed something to read), so that’s why I cropped the photo to half the book.

This was the first book in recent memory I’ve given up on. Sigh.




2 responses

27 11 2015

I’m interested in the different countries on Pluto!

28 11 2015

Then you should read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland!

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