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20 07 2015

Without giving me his library card or anything, a guy comes up to the desk and asks, “Is my book in yet?”



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24 07 2015

This happens all the time to me! I also had someone come and ask me for their marketing textbook for their subject, I asked what it was called and they said, “I don’t know, but I think the cover is red”. The sad thing was I totally knew which book they were talking about hahaha.

24 07 2015

Haha, that is pretty sad. :p

26 07 2015

Well I knew because I was their school librarian and because every man and his dog had been after the book for a week. One thing I learned quickly as a Uni Librarian… students will do anything to avoid buying their textbooks 🙂

27 07 2015

Ah, yes. I would argue that the smart students will do anything to avoid buying textbooks, but most are indifferent and lazy and will wait in line at the university bookstore to buy books because they don’t think outside the box.

28 07 2015

So true, but the devious ones find places to hide said books within the Library so that only they and their close circle of study buddies have access to the book for the whole semester. I have found books hidden in very strange places over the years.
I always tell students that complain about the cost to check out, it saved me a tonne.

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