Why is it so hard to have a sex dream?

25 05 2015

Seriously. More often than not, something annoying comes up and then I get distracted and have to deal with some other problem.

Last night, I was lucid for a bit, and then proceeded to try and grab some hot guys to take to my room up on the sixth floor (of some massive building, something like an opera house). I found one guy, then two more (as a sidenote, in my dreams, I love how guys are gay if you want them to be gay). We headed over to the elevators but they were out of order. I looked up, and the fifth floor above us was basically a gaping, crumbling hole. There was a shuttle elevator that went all the way up to the sixth floor which was oddly placed at the plaza outside of the central library. When we got there, there was a line up of people. All of a sudden, our priority was getting on this elevator (which was more like an aquarium tank with holes on the side than an elevator). One of them got angry at me when I missed going into the elevator, so the next time it came around, I hopped into it right away. No one else seemed to be able to get on, so I was on the elevator alone. As it started going up, I got the feeling that something wasn’t right — then the elevator slowed down, and started falling back down…

And then I woke up. But how disappointing was that? I was so ready to have hot imaginary sex with four hot guys… only to be foiled by elevator troubles. Ugh. I think next time I should just grab some guys and do it right then and there. Who cares about privacy? Let’s see if that works tonight.



2 responses

26 05 2015

I guess you always stay that aroused.

26 05 2015

In my dreams or in reality?

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