Reasons why I cry watching Kiki’s Delivery Service

22 04 2015

1. I wish I lived in that world — world where magic realism exists, hardships are eventually solved, people are friendly and the only douchebags are other girls who don’t appreciate their grandma’s baking, and I can live in a quaint town on the edge of a beautiful sea. And live rent-free.

2. When Kiki says, “If I lose my magic, I’ll lose absolutely everything.” It make me think of where I’m at; I’ve given up on music and film. If I fail at writing, what will I have left? I’ll have exhausted all possibilities and be left with nothing.

3. The music. Cue music, cue tears.

4. Kiki’s trying and failing to fly after losing her powers. I’ve done so many different things and failed, over and over again. I’m still writing and failing.

5. I really, really wish I could live in the film and not in this world.



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