How to increase Twitter followers without pandering?

8 04 2015

Hopefully you didn’t click on this post to find out how to gain more Twitter followers without pandering to mass media because I want to know for myself. I have a Twitter account (@theaaronchan) and it would  certainly be nice if I had a few more followers, but I have no idea how to get more without tweeting about current pop culture shit because I have little to no interest in it (except maybe for John Oliver). I don’t listen to Top 40, I don’t have Facebook, and I rarely watch Hollywood blockbusters. A friend told me, “You just have to use current hashtags” and I replied, “What the hell is currently a hashtag?” In my world, what’s in is the Guster concert I attended last week, watching Wild Tales yesterday, and my forthcoming memoir, which of course no one knows about. So I have no idea. And I’m not about to tweet about Madonna’s new album because I care as much about it as I do about having sex with a vagina. Which is not at all.

Is there a way to get more followers without joining the rest of the world in the mundane?



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