Cat or allergies?

15 03 2015

Tearing my legs apart and hives are everywhere, but is it from eating wheat/soy or from the invisible particles of my cat in the air? Hmmmmm…….

I’m gonna go with cat since I wasn’t like this earlier today and only started clawing myself when I got home. Oh kitty. I love you but you make me so itchy.



3 responses

16 03 2015
Rich Paschall

I go with cat. I have to keep the little happy wanderer out of my bedroom.

16 03 2015

You have a cat too? And you have allergies to them?

17 03 2015
Rich Paschall

Mild allergy, but I need to wash my hands after I touch him. Teaching him that my bedroom is not his I a problem. I have to chance to sheets if he goes and lays there a while, usually because I was not looking.

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