Revenge on lit. mags

29 01 2015

I’ve been meaning to send something to Brick magazine for a while. They’re exclusively a creative non-fiction journal, which is great because guess what? I write creative non-fiction too! But for some reason, I’ve sent my stuff elsewhere, only to get rejected. The other week, I received this letter from Brick. This was odd because I had never given them my mailing address (although Prairie Fire had previously also sent me stuff and I never corresponded with them). I figured they and a bunch of other Canadian literary magazines had access to my info (or perhaps I unwittingly agreed to give them and other literary publications my information when I entered some writing contests, I don’t know), and now here they were, asking me to donate to them.

I thought that was a little annoying, so in retaliation, I did what I should have done weeks ago: I sent the people at Brick a piece I wrote about my time in a gay bathhouse. It’s not bad by any means (in fact, I think it’s one of the best pieces I’ve written), but I imagine it may make for an uncomfortable read. But if they’re going to spam me, then I’m going to send them writing about sleazy, disgusting sex and call it even.



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