17 01 2015

While waiting for the light to change, AARON stands by at a crosswalk. A bunch of people have just gotten off a bus nearby and some join AARON as he waits. A tall black GUY gazes down at AARON’S pants.

GUY: Sweet pink pants.

AARON: Thank you.

GUY: You ever talked to a Mormon before?

AARON is nonplussed, as he doesn’t see the connection between pink pants and Mormons. Do Mormons hate pink pants too?

AARON: Uh, yeah.

The light changes and people start walking across the street.

GUY: And? How was it?

AARON: Um… interesting.

GUY: How so?

AARON: They weren’t as mean as I thought they would be.

GUY laughs.

AARON: Have you ever talked to a Mormon?

GUY: I am a Mormon.

AARON finally notices the familiar nametag on GUY’s shirt: ELDER something or rather.




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