Last month to finish my book

1 12 2014

I said in November that I’d spend the month semi-taking part in NaNoWriMo, except that I’d be finishing my memoir instead of writing a whole new book. Obviously that didn’t go quite as planned since I was in California for a week, and then I just got lazy after that. I did manage to finish another chapter last week that I had been planning to send to the Prairie Fire contest but after getting some feedback, there’s a lot of work to be done before sending it out anywhere. So now I’m planning to try and finish the book by the end of the month/year, then send out proposal to get a literary agent in January. If I don’t manage to finish, I can use the time that I’ll be waiting to hear back from literary agencies. We’ll see how that goes.

If I don’t manage to get anything published this month, I’ll have gotten an entire year of rejections. (although I did get a piece published in Existere but I submitted that on December 31st of last year) Man, it’s been a crappy year for getting published.



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