Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together

18 11 2014

Almost forgot about continuing on with this series. Great book again, although I will have to echo what I mentioned previously about the pacing being a bit all over the place. It’s a lot slower than in the film, and I like that it takes time to explore things that never made it into the film, like how Scott and Wallace had to move out of their apartment, but the overall structure and pace suffers because the fights don’t usually build up. I still love the humour though.

Also, I bought these pants while I was in California last week. They look more salmon coloured in the picture than in real life for some reason; they’re a darker shade of pink (but still bright). I remember being doubtful whether or not to buy them, but then I thought, I want to buy something that I wouldn’t normally buy, so I got it. Definitely got looks from people when I wore them.




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