Land of stuff

9 11 2014

I didn’t notice while I was in Austin, but in California at least, it’s apparent that this is a country full of things– mostly junk. Straws for your drinks, sunglasses and souvenirs everywhere, packaging abound, big box stores everywhere– I couldn’t handle living here in such a high maintenance city/country. Yeah, I’m tired of vancouver, but there are certain things that I miss and obviously took for granted, like the expanded recycling program, independent local stores, and a decent transit system. This is not a country that promotes a simple life, and it annoys and disgusts me.



2 responses

10 11 2014

that’s why I looooooove starbucks and I use 4 stir sticks and a straw to drink my 4 coffees a day all with brand new cups with 2-3 insulators and cardboard cupholder with 5-10 napkins each time just in case I spill, all of which I throw away in the garbage or nestled on the street somewhere.

10 11 2014

Who cares where it all goes as long as I get my double whipped decaf soy latte with extra foam!

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