The Day of the Assholes

1 10 2014

1. The lady who kept stepping on my heels as we walked into the theatre to watch a film at VIFF and didn’t apologize once.

2. The movie had started and Lady #1 decided she wanted to sit in the middle of the row, so she squeezed by and walked in front of a bunch of people, including me.

3. Lady #2 who came with Lady #1 and did the same thing. Neither of them apologized.

4. Lady #2 who checked her phone during the film.

5. Lady #2 who had the nerve to answer her phone and talk in the middle of the movie. (I almost bitched her out but she spoke for less than a minute… but still!)

6. The guy at Oakridge who didn’t hold the door for me as we were going through the same door (in opposite directions so he clearly saw me) and let the door slam into me.

7. The lady who I held the door for who waltzed right through without a word (I called out, “You’re welcome!” after her)

8. The dumbasses who took forever to realize there was room at the back of the bus when it was cramped at the front and then proceeded to shuffle over at a glacial pace as if saying, “Ugh, guess I’ll move.”

9. The guy I mistakenly invited over for cuddles who joked about getting kicked out of his place and being homeless  if he told his parents he was gay and then chastised me for being too serious when I didn’t laugh. (I told him it wasn’t funny because it actually happens in real life. Also, we did not end up cuddling as I deemed he was abrasive, to say the least).

10. My cat, for meowing loudly — screaming, really — like a psycho while I was busy cooking. (We have since made up and she is the only one on the list who is no longer an asshole)



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