Periodic Table of Contents and Discontents

28 09 2014

There was a table for some chemistry thing at Word Vancouver today, and they were collecting elements for their Table of Contents and Discontents. In it, you could write the first letter of your first name (the element), under it, the year of your date of birth (the atomic number). You did this for two pages: on one, you write something that makes you happy, and on the other, something that doesn’t.

What I wanted to write: sexWhat I ended up writing: cats!

What I wanted to write: assholes/discrimination
What I ended up writing: Rude people



5 responses

28 09 2014

Always go with your gut!

30 09 2014

Even if kids might see it?

30 09 2014

Well maybe not lol

30 09 2014

Yeah, that was the thing that stopped me from being honest. But I got to write it on my blog! Which is not the same thing at all.

29 09 2014

you’re my favourite weird duck

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