Difference between Canadian and American Customs Agents

21 09 2014


American Agent: Where are you going?

Me: Austin, Texas.

American Agent: What’s in Austin?

Me: I made a short film that will be screening at a film festival there.

American Agent: What are you going to do in Austin?

Me: (thinking this is a trick question) …. attend the film festival?

American Agent: (snappish) Well, how am I supposed to know that?

Me: (thinking) Maybe if you had actually been listening to my responses instead of mechanically asking me what you’ve been programmed to ask.

American Agent hands back my passport without another word and dismisses me.


Canadian Agent: Where are you coming from?

Me: Austin, Texas.

Canadian Agent: Oh yeah? What did you do there?

Me: I made a short film that screened at the gay and lesbian film festival there.

Canadian Agent: Oh great!

Me: Yeah. I made someone cry.

Canadian Agent: Well, there you go. (hands back my passport) Welcome home.



2 responses

22 09 2014
Rich Paschall

Sa but true. Americans do not get better treatment, by the way.

22 09 2014
Rich Paschall


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