Overworked society

1 09 2014

Came across this article about people working multiple jobs and how it slowly kills them and this is really just the tip of the iceberg. I remember Michael Moore talking briefly about it in one of his documentaries (Sicko, I think) about how one of his subjects has three jobs and showed Bush praising Wal Mart employees for having so many jobs. “Only in America!” he basically said. It’s sad though, and even sadder that a lot of people don’t realize how the system, including big companies, work against society to keep them overworked and exhausted. It’s something I realized growing up; I never wanted to be one of those who have a mediocre job that I’m not passionate about, to spend my hours and days slaving away and not have time to do the things I love. That doesn’t mean the pressure isn’t there, though.

I think a lot of it depends on your perspective. I’m an arts kinda guy. I know what I want to do and I’ll work hard at it, and I don’t necessarily plan on having a family and all that stuff anytime soon. For others, life to them may be just that: get a job, work until you retire, give money to your spouse/kid(s), die. Done. It’s a trap, isn’t it? Maybe some people are happy living like that, but I wouldn’t be, and it still leaves the issue of living a comfortable and healthy life.

I also found this comment at the bottom of the article very interesting:

My education was great, I have two college diplomas. There are no jobs available to me in my field; the ones that exist are immediately filled by immediate graduates. They choose the youngest who went straight from high school to college so that they can overwork and abuse them, many working overtime & weekends without added pay. If you weren’t selected to have your talent farmed at 50+ hours a week and you can’t find work for a year, you fall into the category of having no experience in the field and never get in. So you’re stuck in minmum wage jobs.

So you get a minimum wage job in any of the dozens of fast food locations available, but they’re looking for part time. Unexplainably, they hire you and 3 others at the same time, and juggle 7.5 hour shifts between everyone (preventing you from getting a full lunch break), carefully keeping you .5 hours below the “full time” tally for the week, so you are inelegible for a dental or prescription plan.

And people wonder why young adults off themselves in droves.

Any thoughts? How often do you work a week? Are you tired and exhausted from working a lot?




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