Existere 33.2 has arrived!

18 06 2014

From my blog over at theaaronchan.com:

I called it, didn’t I? It’s always nice to receive things in the mail — and even better when they’re big packages just for you! (pun intended) And as predicted, I did indeed squeal and frolic with my two copies of Existere when I got them yesterday.  I have no idea about other writers and authors, but always makes me pretty excited to see my name in print. It’s a sense of accomplishment.

So here are some (vain) pictures. I probably should’ve posed with them or something, to make them even more vain, but I’m not that vain. Yet. Had to crop out the start of my piece, but I kept the opening line as a tease. :)

Existere is out in stores now! Pick up a copy and read about dead gay people! (among other things)





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