The Illusionist

13 06 2014

What a sad, moving allegory for the life of an artist in a world that doesn’t care for wonderment and art anymore. I connected with this film so much especially since I’ve been doubting this whole filmmaking thing lately that I was surprised to see how people on the imdb forums apparently didn’t feel the same way. I felt that Inside Llewyn Davis was about the struggles of being an artist, but The Illusionist feels realer, feels more realized. Maybe it’s all the melancholy in the film (which I’m always a fan of). Maybe it’s the fact that there’s so little dialogue throughout that it’s practically a silent film (which I’m always a fan of, especially having made silent films).

In any case, I really recommend this one. Way better than thepredictable Toy Story 3 that won the Oscar for Animated Film that year. And yes, I thought Toy Story 3 wasn’t that great.




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