So sad :(

12 05 2014

About the Afghanimals on The Amazing Race. I don’t usually care about reality shows and competitions, but I was really disappointed when they got lost and eventually got eliminated. It really sucked. They were a lot of fun to watch, for sure, and I would’ve loved to see them in the finals, but man, why couldn’t you guys get it together and get a map or something?

Ah well. I will now be consumed by disappointment for the next 24 hours. Sigh.



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18 05 2014

I love the Afghanimals too, but was more annoyed when the Twinnies Natalie and Nadiya got eliminated in episode one. The Afghanimals were too nice this season, I prefer when they were sneaky in the last season.

18 05 2014

Yeah, I was disappointed in the Twinnies too, especially considering they got up to the final four in their season. Clearly, they weren’t able to get past their arguing and work together well enough to even get past the first leg.

I like the Afghanimals more this season, actually. I feel like they’re sneakier in a subtler way; last season, they were openly sneaky and everyone wanted them out, but this time around, they’re more methodical and they’ve learned from their mistakes in order to play a smarter game and letting other teams draw attention to themselves than them. It just sucks that they couldn’t navigate very well when it counted.

Btw, who’s your favourite to win?

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