Two weeks too late

25 03 2014

When I started the week yesterday, it felt like school should have been finished already. And yet, there are still two weeks of classes left. I’m ready to phone it in. I’m ready to half-ass everything left (which is really only the last assignment for my Environmental Design class; Creative Writing is all workshops, and only one left for me). I’m ready to not give a shit — wait, I’ve sort of been doing that already.

Maybe it’s that it’s my last semester of my undergrad at university and I’ve been counting the days and weeks, but this semester feels ridiculously long. My mind is two weeks in the future, all done and throwing papers in the air with glee. I think I’ll let my mind wander into its Nirvana when I’m in class for the next two weeks while I stare idly at nothing and hope no one notices that I’m gone, so far gone.



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