Come watch my play — In the Movies!

14 03 2014

For those who are in Vancouver or somehow willing to travel to Vancouver, I blogged about a play I wrote a while back titled In the Movies and it’ll be on stage in a couple weeks as part of UBC’s Brave New Play Rites Festival! It’s the story about an average gay guy named David, and the drama that ensues when his first boyfriend seemingly randomly shows up at his place after they haven’t seen each other in sixteen years. It would be super to see you there!

The dates for my play are Wednesday March 26th at 7:30pm, Friday March 28th at 7:30pm, and Sunday March 30th at 2pm. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $10 for students. My play will be part of a program with five other plays (there is also a second program held on different days with a whole other set of plays too). If you’d like to read up on Brave New Play Rites and the other plays, check out the website:

And once you’re done deciding which day (or days, if you’re a keener) you’re coming, you can either buy a ticket on the Brave New website above, or follow this link and select Program 1:

I hope to see you there!



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