28 01 2014

Started watching this new HBO show called Looking, which is about three gay men in San Francisco. It’s similar to my show, but different in a lot of ways, and I found myself really wanting to get my show out there even more now (even more than watching shit that is DTLA). At the same time, I feel so defeated already, knowing it’s extremely difficult for someone who has never worked in TV to get an original show made, and it frustrates me.

So if anyone reading this wants to help me make my show and air it on TV, that would be super. Thanks.



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29 01 2014

I already put this in my list of tv series. Have you seen Queer As Folk or The Outs? They’re great shows!

29 01 2014

I have, yeah. I liked a few seasons of Queer as Folk (especially season one), but couldn’t stand the characters after a while (I always hated Brian). I didn’t like The Outs. I thought it was poorly acted, had some pretty bad writing (including development, contrived character arcs, and characterization), and did a surface-level exploration of what it was aiming to explore (gay male friendship, dating, etc.). I’m super opinionated about that web series, especially since lots of people love it.

So far, Looking is good and I can at least sympathize with/understand all the characters. Johnathan Groff is surprisingly really good too. If you liked QaF and The Outs, I think you’ll like Looking.

30 01 2014

Omg you were the first person who didn’t like The Outs. I think it’s romantic and had the right amount of sexiness in it. But of course, we have different takes on things especially on movies and series.

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