Nice Grindr guys

8 01 2014

Non-existent, right?

Well, all you need is a shirtless picture and the messages come in, apparently. And although most of those messages are guys being superficial and shallow because they see your skin, every so often, you come across someone who is intelligent and verbose, someone who knows how to properly capitalize words and use commas correctly. It’s in this rare moments that I think to myself, Wow. Maybe there’s a point to being on Grindr after all.

And then I see that I have a new message from yet another 45 year old white guy. Alas.



3 responses

9 01 2014

But what if the 45 year old white guy capitalizes words and uses commas correctly?

10 01 2014

It’s nice, but that’s not enough, and it’s a bit more complex than that. I’m not sure how much you know about the issue, but for a lot of Asian guys, they are often pursued by older, white men who fetishize them for their looks and their “exoticness”. Having been in the dating scene for years, I’ve come across this countless times and although initially it may be flattering, it gets demeaning and frustrating, especially coupled with not getting responses from those you wish to talk to.

I mentioned a bit about it in the personal essay I sent you. 😉

9 01 2014

I’m the 45yr old white guy mhauauaua!

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