I win!!!!

3 12 2013

So I got this email today from Subterrain Magazine. The subject: Lush Triumphant Winners!

My first thought: Those bastards not only didn’t tell me I didn’t win, but now they’re going to rub it in my face about who did win? Grrrrrrrr!

But that was not the case. No, apparently my piece, A Case of Jeff, was selected by the judges as this year’s Creative Non-Fiction Winner for the contest! What?!

I wanted to scream ”FUCK YES!!” for several minutes but I was on the bus, so I fought hard to restrain myself. And then, the more I thought about the news, the more it really sank in that I, with something I worked hard on and wrote, won. I thought about how my father told me (multiple times) how I couldn’t make a living being a writer, and my mom asking me who would want to read my shit. And now I won. I showed them both. So there!

My piece, along with the other winners in the other categories, will appear in subTERRAIN’s last issue of the year, which I assume is coming out sometime this month. Super excited!!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some shouting I need to do.




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