The feeling of submitting your writing

30 11 2013

It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s relieving.

For me, it’s a feeling of accomplishment, going to the post office and dropping off the envelope in the bin (or clicking the send button for email/online submissions). I should’ve taken a picture of the envelope, but yesterday, I sent out a creative non-fiction piece to Prairie Fire‘s annual writing contest. I had been meaning to send it out, but only got to it the day before the deadline (because of school. Of course). It’s always a good feeling for me; I can see how it might be a scary/bad experience if you’re sending off something you’re not sure of or something you don’t feel is very strong, but that’s what re-writes are for. I did a small re-write before I sent my piece in, and I felt really good about it.

Will it be good enough to win? I have no idea. I’m not counting on it, given that there are so many talented writers out there. But is it a start? Can I say I tried?

Damn right.



5 responses

1 12 2013

Congratulations! And good luck with your submission!

1 12 2013


1 12 2013

It can be a rush of emotions, for sure. The waiting, however, is the hardest part.

1 12 2013

Very true! I’ve been waiting almost seven months now to hear back for a writing contest when the results were supposed to be announced in October. Just tell me I didn’t win and let me submit my work elsewhere!

1 12 2013

Well, at least you have plenty of time to work on the next project.

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