If you ever question your writing skills…

25 11 2013

just read Fifty Shades of Grey. Seriously. I’m only about 60 pages in and it’s hilariously awful writing. I think I might put it in a shadow box or some sort of glass case so that whenever I get existential and I feel like what I’m writing is crap — all I have to do is look at Fifty Shades of Grey and I will be reminded that anything I write will be infinitely better than this waste of trees.

But really. Man, what a mess that thing is. I understand how the subject matter might be titillating for people, but how do they get past such godawful writing? I feel like it’s because people have low reading standards. Like how The Da Vinci Code was also popular but was also not subtly written.

Oh well. You are my saviour, Fifty Shades. Thank you.



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25 11 2013

very funny, thank you

26 11 2013

This actually makes me want to read fifty shades. I have ignored that book for the most part. I read The Da Vinci code back when it came out, felt it was alright, might be that my “reading skill” was or is of low standard?

26 11 2013

Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know what you’ve read. Da Vinci Code is slightly below average writing, if you ask me. It’s a fun, entertaining read but in terms of the writing, it’s nothing memorable, but it’s certainly not outright laughable like Fifty Shades of Grey.

I’m only on page 60 or so and I can’t imagine going through the 500 pages. I think reading a chapter will get you enough of a hint to motivate you to write. 🙂

2 12 2013

Reblogged this on Riv's Blog and commented:
Very nice way of putting Fifty Shades of Grey. Will not read this book. Will watch the movie though.

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