Creative Writing isn’t easy.

23 11 2013

I constantly feel like I have to defend myself from other students who view Creative Writing as easy or not very serious. Curtis blurtis told me he wrote a 6000-word paper for one of his classes; I recently wrote a 50-page TV script for an original series, which, after I put it into Microsoft Word, turned out to be about 8700 words. When he noted that academic writing is different from Creative Writing, I replied that writing a TV series is arguably more challenging because you’re only writing in one type of voice in an essay — academic voice. However, for a TV show, such as the one I wrote, I had to write in at least seven different voices for seven different characters. I had to make them distinct and real, which is always a challenge for me. Not only this, but I also had to keep the voices consistent with the pilot episode so it wasn’t like I could do whatever I wanted.

It’s not easy to write an original TV show. It’s also not easy to write the second episode to a series that you’ve developed with four other people that you feel you know little about. Yes, Creative Writing is fun, but just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s not serious or that it’s easy. I have a friend who I’ve always felt like looked down on Creative Writing, mostly because I think she viewed it as more of a hobby and not something you can build a career on. Who says work can’t be fun and challenging at the same time? Why do we have this idea that to earn a living, you have to suffer through a job? Or on the flip-side, why do we take jobs that are mediocre just to pay the bills? Maybe my friend just thought I couldn’t make it as a writer. And at this point, who knows if I can. But I’ve been published and I’m getting published so I think that’s a pretty good start. At least the writing/publishing industry is a lot kinder and more open to my work than the music scene in Vancouver, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m kind of getting off-topic, but that’s okay because this is the longest I’ve written in a while. My point is this: slaving away on a weekend writing an essay is hard. Everyone can probably agree with that. Slaving away on a weekend writing a 50-page TV episode is also very hard. Is it fun? Not always. In fact, there were moments, I almost broke down because I wanted to go to bed but I had to keep working.

Let me put it this way: can you write a highly-structured TV episode with proper formatting, strong act breaks, contains A-B-C plots with lots of reversals and obstacles and convincing dialogue? No?

Maybe you should be glad you only have to write an essay then.



2 responses

24 11 2013

i didn’t know this impacted you so

24 11 2013

It does. And it will probably continue to do so if I make writing my career.

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