Deadlines are great!

11 11 2013

I may have written about the wonders of deadlines but in case I haven’t, they are awesome. At least if you’re into creative writing.

Case in point: I had an assignment due today, and I spent many hours working on it until I finished the first draft and submitted it a little while ago. Could I have done that without a deadline? Perhaps. Is it likely? Perhaps not. Even the awesome and lovely Amber Dawn reminisced about how great being in a program with deadlines was. Once you’re out of school, you have to push yourself to finish things and we all know we’re not very good enforcers.

Here’s a tip. I use submission deadlines for publications as deadlines to write and complete pieces I’m working on. It worked quite well last year, and I’m sure it would work well if I weren’t busy with my own assignments. How else do you all keep motivating yourself to write?



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