Two Boys Kissing

28 10 2013

Thank you, David Levithan, for distracting me from the boredom and monster that is schoolwork. Also, I love this book, as I do all of your novels. You are awesome.

2013-10-28 23.51.36



6 responses

29 10 2013

yay, i don’t have to read the book because I read that title!

26 12 2013

I really want to read this. Good?

26 12 2013

It’s fantastic! Have you read any of David Levithan’s books?

27 12 2013

No, I haven’t. Is thus a good one to start with?

29 12 2013

It’s a good one, yeah. His first novel, Boy Meets Boy, would also be a good one to start with too, mostly because his writing style is a bit different than the average author.

29 12 2013

Will check that one out too. Thanks.

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