Responding to emails late

15 07 2013

I feel bad when I respond to emails late, but I’m busy! There was one I received a few days ago from a stranger who said he saw me working out at the gym. He recognized me from reading my article on living Zero Waste as well as my blog, and thought he’d say hi, which I thought was a very pleasant surprise. I’ve been meaning to email him but I haven’t yet, and it makes me feel bad/guilty because if I were him,I’d be thinking that he’s not interested or weirded out or just doesn’t care. But I do! And I think it’s amazing someone’s even read my article or keeps up with my blog, so i have to keep every fan I have because god knows I need them.

So if you are reading this, Aaron Cheng, I apologize. Please accept a blog post dedicated to you as my apology and expect an email sometime this week. If I remember.



One response

21 07 2013

Aw shucks thanks! Guess I can cross that one off the proverbial bucket list.

And don’t sweat it! Just give me a shout if you see me around next time =]

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