Reuse: Splash Toy Shop

2 06 2013

Finding a place to donate used toys when it’s not Christmas is harder than you think.

After a whole bunch of searching online, I came across two places that accepted toys. The first was BC Children’s Hospital, which had a long list of toys they accept, none of which I actually had, except for many, many decks of playing cards. The other one was a little toy shop on Dunbar called Splash Toy Shop. The only info I found was on a forum somewhere a random Vancouverite suggested donating old toys to the store. What was especially appealing about donating to Splash was that apparently, an organization called the Sisters of Charity took the donated the toys and then handed them out to families in the downtown Eastside.  However, the toy store’s website itself didn’t have any info. I sent the store an email about donations, and they replied with the following:

Thanks for your interest in donating toys!  We collect donations at our Dunbar St location and they are now distributed directly to the Ray Cam Community Center and they distribute them to the community. The Sisters of Charity also worked directly with the community, but they have since closed their Vancouver chapter.

We accept gently used toys and clothing.

Awesome, right?

In my donation bag, I put a couple Kinder surprise toys, a pair of kid’s binoculars, a small puzzle for kids (that a friend gave me for a birthday present when I was in high school…?), a whole bunch of decks of cards (some of which were unopened), and my coveted fan/card educational book thing about 50 or so breeds of dogs. I got that from an aunt when I was young and loved dogs and I loved reading it. I wasn’t sure if that counted as a toy or not, but I figured that some kid out there would really appreciate it all the same.

There’s a big donation bin outside of the store where people can drop off their items. The only thing is that it’s an open wooden box, and my bag was small reusable bag that I couldn’t really close, so I ended up putting the two other bags on top of mine so people wouldn’t be tempted to take my wonderful toys.

Anyway, I hope some kid(s) in Vancouver are now enjoying all the toys I donated. They better!

Splash Toy Shop
Address: 4243 Dunbar Street
– Store hours: Mon – Sat: 9:30am-6:00pm, Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm
– Phone: 604-228-869




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