Winning an Emmy

28 05 2013

A few nights ago, I had a dream I was at the Emmys, which was strangely attended by all of two rows of people, mostly children. I had been nominated for an award, and I knew I was going to win. So when they called my name, I was delighted, grinning and waving like a madman on my way up to the stage, which was only feet away. With the Emmy in my hand, I thanked the cast and crew, and probably a whole bunch of other people for helping me on my journey to win the award for Best Actor in a TV movie.

Later, I sat a couple seats away from Jennifer Hudson, who had also won an award (I think we were in the same movie?) and some little girl next to me was playing with her stockings and declaring to everyone  how cool they were and that we should all feel them. So I felt Ms. Hudson’s stockings, and they were indeed very cool– thicker than pantyhose, yet not ugly or uncomfortable.

When I woke up, I thought it was strange I would ever win an award for acting. Not that I’m a bad actor or anything, but I never really thought about it. Now I pretend that I won an Emmy for Writing, which is helping motivate me to keep writing and develop my TV series.

Let’s see if my dream will ever come true. Acting or writing. Or any award, really.



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