Greedy Lying Bastards

16 04 2013

Caught this movie tonight at the Rio Theatre, and boy, did it piss me off. Not because the film is bad, but because of the lengths people go to cover up the truth. And then I went on imdb and the majority of the posts there condemn the movie and the filmmaker, which is so disheartening and frustrating to see. I know they’re trolls with the IQ of a piece of dead skin, but these morons really make me want to slap them in the face at their stupidity and ignorance. It makes me want global warming to ravage their house, to burn it up in a wildfire like in Colorado, or to inundate it like in Tuvalu, or the simply destroy it with a tornado so that these dimwits can see that global warming doesn’t need to be disputed. It needs to be solved.

Also, the documentary, although the graphics were cool, was okay. The info was good though. That is all.



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