My writing song: “Sweet Disposition” — Temper Trap

13 03 2013

While doing research for my personal essay a couple weeks back, I scoured youtube trying to find clips from (500) Days of Summer when I came across this song, which was used in the film.  Upon listening to it, instead of becoming distracted and listening to the song like I usually do when music plays, I suddenly became productive, writing furiously until the song finished.

Needless to say, I put the song on repeat throughout the night as I wrote.

It has somehow become my writing song, able to get me writing and writing with few pauses to think.  I’m not sure what it is.  Maybe I’m just lulled by the familiar bass line throughout, or the simple melody.  Whatever it is, thank god I stumbled onto this.  It’ll come in handy when I’ll be procrastinating and desperately writing my last paper in two weeks.



One response

15 03 2013

Thank you for introducing me to this song! I quite like it although I could never write with music playing especially if the songs have lyrics. Then I start writing sentences with fragments of lyrics or just can’t concentrate.But it would be great for setting a mood for writing. You could always acknowledge your writing songs when you publish your first novel 🙂

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