Entered another writing contest!

1 02 2013

Almost missed the deadline today’s for the Ubyssey‘s writing contest.   A classmate mentioned the contest to me a little while back, but I’ve been so caught up with writing and re-writing my creative non-fiction piece– not to mention I don’t think my poetry is strong compared to others’ writing–that I didn’t really think about entering.  Then I remembered this morning when I saw my classmate, and decided to do it.  At least this contest is free to enter, unlike CBC’s writing contest, although it’s limited to one submission per person.  I submitted my poem “Prince”, as I think that’s one of my favourite poems and it hasn’t been published yet; there’s also a category for Flash Fiction, which is fiction between 300-500 words, but I don’t have anything that short, nor do I have the time to write something that short.

The winners, according to the email I received after submitting, will be announced in the third week of February.  I think I have a decent chance since the contest is restricted to current UBC students and to my knowledge, it hasn’t been promoted much, if at all.  Eh.  We’ll see how that goes.

Next submission: short stories for a gay erotica anthology.  I wonder if I should write one…



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