A poem that reads itself

28 01 2013

On our first day of poetry class, we spent five minutes doing a free-write exercise.  We had the choice of writing a poem of one of following ideas:

1.  the colour pink
2.  a poem that reads itself
3.  a poem in a circle

When I asked what a “poem that reads itself” was, a fellow student responded, “It’s however you choose to interpret that.”  So the instructor set the timer and we were off writing.

I chose to write a poem that “reads itself.”  Here’s what I had in 5 minutes:

A Poem that Reads Itself

My name is Aaron’s poem.
Usually, I am filled with
black ink
Blacker thoughts
circles and circles of train tracks
of broken hearts and boys on Wanted posters
But this time,
the pen is mightier than the brain.
I want to poemize about…
fluffy sheep
the many shades of pink
the smell of urine after eating asparagus.
On second thought,
maybe rhyming boys and toys
Is all I’m meant to do.



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