Crying before bed

11 12 2012

I tried to go to bed early last night because I had an exam early the next morning.  Naturally, I failed.  At falling asleep, I mean.  I just stayed up, ruminating and thinking about how everyone leaves, everyone rejects me, everyone ignores me, and yet I keep trying, to everyone’s insistence, and it all keeps happening over and over again… and then I cried.

I’m really not made for this world.  I feel like I belong in an age of chivalry, where men were more polite and proper, when love, or at least rejection, was experienced face-to-face instead of through a computer screen.  This is not my era.  This is not my world.



One response

20 12 2012

😦 I too believe I was not made for this era. Deep down, I’m an old soul. I spend so much time watching Clark Gable and Cary Grant movies wishing I lived in that time…

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