So December begins

1 12 2012

I made a list of all the things I want to do this month while I’m not attending school or working, and it is quite extensive, I must say.  I have no doubt I will not be able to get through everything, but I’m sure going to try.  And since it’s actually written down in a physical list (which I love), then the chances of me actually doing things is just a bit higher.  I have a plan to perhaps organize a fundraiser for Covenant House, but it’s a bit daunting to me, especially since I haven’t ever done something like that before and I don’t know if I can.  Plus, I’m not completely done with schools, as I do have two exams in about two weeks.  Anyway, it’s worth a shot, I think.

I did go out and buy a gym/pool membership at my local community centre and proceeded to very awkwardly work out for about half an hour because there were machines that I didn’t even know how to work (so I avoided them).  I feel a bit bad because I’ve always disliked the stereotypical gay guys who spend all their time at the gym and I don’t want to become one of those guys.  However, I do feel like my knowledge of the world and literature and my ability to think critically as well as spell correctly puts me above those brain cell-less idiots.  I am not an idiot.  I have to tell that to myself more often.



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