27 11 2012

Well, I’m semi-panicking but not really that my second and last fiction piece is due tomorrow at midnight.  I’ve written almost 1500 words so far — not that it’s based on words, but on page count, but I’m basing it on words right now since the spacing of what I have is very much all over the place.  I do think I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow, but again, it’s just really difficult for me to get the story out, even though I have, and have had for a while now, the story plotted out of this first chapter.  Fiction always does this to me, and I wish it wouldn’t.  But I do have to say that it’s taking me less time than it did the first time around, so maybe I just need to practice and write more often so that it becomes less sticky.

Anyway, we’ll see.  Also, it doesn’t help that I keep watching interviews with Aubrey Plaza on youtube instead of writing. (Case in point: I spent majority of my evening watching videos than writing.  How sad.)



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