TV Pilot

21 11 2012

So I`ve written about half a page of my TV pilot, and I just took a moment to absorb it.  It sounds really stupid, I know, but a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and above all, awe, fell on me when I saved my file as “The Gays — Pilot”.  It`s not like this is an actual show, and yet I feel so close to it as if it is real.  Well, it`s real in my head because I know exactly who these characters are and what they`re going to be doing, but at the same time, to be putting these words and ideas that I`ve been developing for months now, makes it feel that much realer.

I feel like an amateur when I`m feeling emotional at writing my first TV pilot, but I can`t help it.  Please someone pick up my show.  Thank you.



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