Ebb and flow

19 11 2012

Sometimes, I have an idea for a story and I’ll get caught up figuring out the details and the plot.  A few days later, the initial excitement of writing the story fades and fades, and I never really feel as connected and passionate about the original idea again.  Then there are moments in life where suddenly I’m reminded of the story again, and I genuinely feel like it’s time to sit down and write it.  What a great and powerful feeling that is, like validation, when you know you’re not crazy and that it wasn’t just a one-idea wonder.



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19 11 2012

Oh I unfortunately have a Folder with countless story ideas that I’ve lost connection to completely. Most of them are unfinished because the ideas came at a particular time in my life, a time that I cannot relate to now and therefore I can’t siphon anything from those now discarded pieces of writing. There are a few that, as you say “I genuinely feel like it’s time to sit down and write it.” Maybe we have some gems that need to be refined and polished?

20 11 2012

I know what you mean. I think it depends on how you feel and how you write because everyone writes differently. I read a little blurb about how Amanda Palmer, of the band The Dresden Dolls, writes songs. Sometimes she’ll get an idea or a line or two but it never ends up going anywhere, and she doesn’t bother with them again. For me, sometimes that happens to me too, where I’ll get an idea but I’ll be disinterested later. But every once in a while, something will remind me of one of those half-finished ideas. I take this to mean that I should get to it again.

You might feel the same way, you might not. It’s good that you save all your ideas, and yeah, there might be something in there worth spending some time working on — or maybe one of those ideas will get you thinking about something else.

It all comes down to being in the inspirational, passionate moment again, when you feel so connected to an idea or a story that you just want to write it, no matter how you go about doing things. I hope that was sort of helpful.

20 11 2012

Yes it was helpful thanks!

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