Fiction workshop part 1/Creative Writing to others

4 11 2012

Tomorrow is my workshop for my fiction class.  I’m kind of excited, actually, to hear everyone’s comments… as they rip my story to shreds.  Nah, it should be good though.  I guess it’s a little nerve-wracking because I don’t know what people will say, and I don’t know what’s good in it.  I guess that’s part of the process of workshops.

I’ve also been writing and re-writing my TV pilot, which has gone through extensive changes since the original idea.  Hopefully, it’s for the better.  I thought about Creative Writing and I wonder what other students outside the program think of it.  Do they think it’s fine and dandy and easy because we have no final exams? (or any exams, for that matter)   Because it’s not easy.  It’s really intensive, not to mention there’s a ton of work in terms of reading everyone’s pieces (something that most people don’t think about as part of Creative Writing courses) and giving feedback.  That takes up quite a bit of time, at least how I got about doing things.  Then there’s the process of re-writing, which can take forever — draft after draft after draft.  I don’t think students understand what it’s like.  But that’s another rant for another day.



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