Experiment: gay parents bashed

3 11 2012

This made me cry.

Also, I would like to comment on the discrepancy of the reactions between the Texans and the New Yorkers to the gay couple.  For one, there were more people in the restaurant in New York than in Texas.  Therefore, there is a greater bystander effect, and the probability of people intervening will be less (as it was).  I would also note that being in a big city such as New York tends to make people anti-social in general — it certainly does so here in Vancouver.  Texas feels a bit more local, more part of the community, unlike what must have happened in New York.  So the lack of reaction or people doing anything in New York isn’t necessarily because they are surprisingly more homophobic despite their well-known liberalism as a state, but because of other socio-psychological issues.

Anyway, I still cried.



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