Cloud Atlas

21 10 2012

Saw Cloud Atlas today.  Thought it was really entertaining, even with its long runtime, but as a film, I was a bit dubious.  I`ve got just over a hundred pages left in the novel, I did feel like the novel was more philosophical and spiritual, whereas the film is much more action-oriented.  At first, I was a little disappointed that the film just didn`t feel as powerful as it could have been (I tried my best to distance it from the source material and to view it as a movie in its own right, which I believe is the appropriate thing to do when reviewing and enjoying an adapted film).

But the more I thought about the film, the more deeply it resonated with me.  It`s such a human film, and that`s all it is.  It`s an ode to humanity — to it`s greatness and it`s faults.  When I came home, I just felt like being close to someone, and I felt really emotional, but I couldn`t quite place it.

Sure, the film isn`t perfect, but it`s well worth a watch.  If it doesn`t make you feel something, then I guess you`re not human.

Cloud Atlas comes out in theatres this Friday, October 26th.



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