Thanks, but no thanks

18 09 2012

Got another (quick) rejection yesterday, after submitting a couple short stories to a literary journal.  I didn’t think I would get published, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to submit nonetheless, so I wasn’t very disappointed or upset that my stories didn’t get picked.  Anyway, I know my fiction writing isn’t my strongest, but I’m working on it.

Oh well.  Time to make myself fat by eating ice cream cake.  Yay!



2 responses

18 09 2012

i want icecream cake too!

I’m sorry you get rejected 😦 keep trying!

18 09 2012

never give up, just keep trying. i remember todd mcfarlane the comic book artist for spiderman in the 1990s was rejected over 200 times. he kept trying; became the head artist for spiderman and later on created the hit series “spawn.”

hold on to your dreams, they are your dreams…

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