“Maple Leaf Rag” — Scott Joplin

19 03 2012

Ragtime!  One of the more underappreciated genres of music, I find.  I’m currently teaching myself perhaps the most well-known ragtime song for paino, Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag.”  I’ve got down the first page, and boy, is it fun to play.  🙂



One response

19 03 2012

LOVE Joplin! Have most of his music and find it thrilling!

“What Sparkling Cider and Joplin Can Do”

The piano winks the notes from some
Invisible box,
And the tune wears soft frills and
Like a sassy two-tone shoe kicking up
Gaiety and tipsy memories.

Joplin must’ve loved to shimmy in the 1800’s too!

You’d never guess the flirting that twinkles
My dim-lit room,
My shoulders ache from so much dipping and
The stomp
Like a midnight kiss stamps on my puritanical
Neck from the bubbly.

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