A very uneventful unboxing

1 02 2012

Thanks to all those who somehow found my blog from my last post.  I’m not used to having strangers commenting and liking my posts.  So weird.

I managed to take some pictures of the books and some with my name in it, since I’m vain like that.  I actually thought of doing one of those pointless unboxing youtube videos that are somehow popular, and I’m sure this would’ve actually been personal and cool (unlike, say, unboxing the Mac you’ve always wanted because… it’s shiny and white and ridculously expensive).  But no.  I figured I wouldn’t make it very exciting.  Instead, I’d say, with a monotone, the following:

Me: Oh look.  What ever could this be?  A box full of books with a story that I’ve written?  Yaaaaaaaaay.  Oh, I mean, YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!

Or something.

Picture time!



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