Help me fund my next short film!

8 12 2011

Hey everyone!  Here’s my next film project that’s in the works at the moment.  We’re looking for some help from all of you so take a look and leave a donation for some swanky stuff!

Our Story
Hey!  My name’s Aaron and I’m a filmmaker/musician/writer from Vancouver, Canada.  Here’s a bit about my project which I wrote and will be directing, tentatively titled, June, named after Tchaikovsky’s Baracolle piano piece (if anyone has other suggestions for a title, let me know!)Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you believe in love in the afterlife?  June is a short, silent film about a man named Luke who tries to play piano in the middle of the night to communicate with his lover, Sebastien, who is alive.  The only problem: Luke is a ghost.  Will he be able to contact Sebastien before the end of the night or are his attempts simply futile? June is a tragic, sad, but beautiful story about the lengths we go for love.

The Impact

This project is one that I hold very close to me, one that I want to spend a lot of time to make perfect as a work of art.  The painful experience of losing a loved one and being haunted by them (metaphorically) is something to which everyone can relate.  In essence, June is universal in its message about love and loss.

As well, there are many romantic gay-themed films out there that feature typical gay people or that have all-too familiar plots.  Although June is a romance film with two gay characters, it’s not a gay story per se; there are no stereotypes, no dramatic coming out scenes.  I believe this is an honest, simple story, which are hard to find amongst gay/lesbian cinema today.

What We Need & What You Get

We’re looking for a total of $2500 for equipment rentals, food, to pay our cast and crew, and post-production services including video transferring (it’s really expensive!).  As of now, indiegogo is our only funding source.

There are lots of amounts you can choose to donate!  And for the highest amount, $250, I will either write you a one-minute ditty about you or perform a cover song of your choosing and post it to youtube for the world to see how fantastic and generous you really are!  Only a limited amount of people can claim this, so get on it!

Other Ways You Can Help

Help spread the word about the project!  Blog, tweet, mention it on facebook/myspace (for those still using myspace).



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