Il y a longtemps que je me suis rendu compte d’amour réal n’existe pas.

28 10 2011

“It’s been a long time since I realized true love does not exist.”  I said it in French class on Thursday when we were writing out sentences with new vocab (in this case, “se rendre compte de” was the vocab) and I read it aloud when called on.  Now everyone probably thinks I’m this hard-hearted weird Chinese guy in the class, which is mostly true anyway.

Someone asked why the last part of the sentence in the present tense when the first part is in the past, and she had to explain how the sentence isn’t saying that love never existed but will one day exist, but that it has never existed (and further implying that it will never).  As if that wasn’t weird enough, then the teacher made an awkward– but fun, at least for me– transition to giving us a pop quiz.



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